Account & Reward Points

How do I register for an account with Motif Official?

To register for an account is easy. From any page on Motif Official please go to the register tab in the top right. You will be taken to a new page where you are asked for an email and password. That’s all we ask! From your account dashboard you are then able to add more details such as delivery addresses and payment options.

What are the benefits of having an account with Motif Official?

There are several benefits to having an account with us. Firstly it will save you time when checking out and you will be able to earn redemption points every time you shop with us. Also if you leave use your birthday you may receive a special surprise from every time it comes around!

How does the reward point system work?

If you register for an account with us, everytime you make a purchase with us you will earn redemption points that can be used to purchase products. For every 1 USD spent in store you will earn 1 redemtption point and for every 40 redemption points earned you will gain 1 USD of spending credit. Depending on your local currency the above rate may slightly differ, but is based on the same redemption exhange rate as above. Specific eredemption rates are shown in the below table.



Points gained per amount spent

Points exchanged for store credit


25 THB = 1 point

50 points = 25 THB


1 SGD = 1 point

50 points= 1 SGD


10HKD= 1 point

30 Points= 10HKD


5 CNY = 1 point

50 points = 5 CNY


1 AUD = 1 point

50 points = 1 AUD


1000KRW = 1 point

40 points= 1000 KRW


100 JPY = 1 point

45 points= 100 JPY


1 EUR = 1 point

40 POINTS= 1 Euro


1 GBP = 1 point

25 points= 1 GBP


1 USD = 1 point

40 points = 1 USD

How can I sign up for the Motif Official newsletter?

To signup for the newsletter you can enter your email address in the bottom right corner  where you will see the tab "stay in the know". You will be emailed the newsletter monthly when it is released keeping you up to date with all the newest arrivals and latest updates from us.