A Closer Look into Pre-Fall 17 ‘Whisper of the Dusk’ A Closer Look into Pre-Fall 17 ‘Whisper of the Dusk’

Posted on Aug 3, 2017

A Closer Look into Pre-Fall 17 ‘Whisper of the Dusk’

The little details that make this collection the one to remember.

They say it’s always the little things that matter. This collection is all about these little delicate details that truly make the garments unique and a statement of its own.

Closer Look Whisper of the Dusk


Fabric is often the key factor that makes or breaks the collection. This season, we wanted to use fabrics that are out of the ordinary, and unique in its very own way. We’re proud to introduce you to our new fabric with linear texture detail which is featured in many key pieces of this collection such as the Diya Dress and the Johan Top. It’s a mid-weight polyester fabric that holds silhouette and shape without losing the wearability and comfort. We’re sure you will love her as much as we do.

Closer Look Whisper of the Dusk

Closer Look Whisper of the Dusk


Did you know that the key flutter details that are used throughout the collection was invented in-house by our designer? During her trip to Seoul, Korea - she was inspired by the craftsmanship of local Korean artisan, from the way the fabric weave to the colour scheme used. This inspiration was then taken back to MOTIF OFFICIAL studio, since then, we’ve never stopped creating and developing. Various sewing techniques were tried and tested by our artisan team in order to create the most beautiful, delicate and unique key detail to be featured in this collection. After many trials and errors, the perfect MOTIF OFFICIAL flutter was born. All of the flutter details seen are all hand-tailored in our studio for the neatest finish.

Closer Look Whisper of the Dusk


One of the key pieces of this collection is the Callan Corset. After the development of MOTIF OFFICIAL flutter technique, we took it a step further with a goal to create a unique accessory that will help complete any outfit. The idea of corset quickly comes to our mind. The Callan Corset comes in one size with a tie-able belt detail. The shape was designed in such a way that will accentuate the feminine curve of the waist while sitting firmly on the body without too much slipping. We are proud to say that you will never find this form and silhouette anywhere else.

Closer Look Whisper of the Dusk

MOTIF OFFICIAL Pre-Fall17 ‘Whisper of the Dusk’ is now available for you to explore - online exclusive.


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