Posted on May 23, 2017

Currently Lovin': Summer Basket Bag

We are totally diggin’ this trend.

With summer in full swing, it is obviously the time to switch out your coats and jumpers for something more airy and light, skirts and sandals are always a must during this time of the year. Clothing aside, accessories are also the key players when it comes to styling a summer wardrobe. Looking for a key piece to transform your wardrobe? Look no further, a straw/basket bag is the one cult piece of accessories that you will keep wearing throughout this summer. This season’s Instagram feed has been flooded with a big wave of straw/basket bags all over again (just like last year). However, the choice of basket bags this year is rather large, from a tiny cross body bag to a large straw tote bag and pom-pom decorated ones. Whatever your style is, the chances are you will find one (or more) soulmate basket bag(s) for your collection!

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