Ethical Brands VS Fast Fashion Ethical Brands VS Fast Fashion

Posted on Sep 11, 2017

Ethical Brands VS Fast Fashion

The truth you never knew about fast fashion garments.

Here at MOTIF OFFICIAL design studio, we strive daily in order to create high quality garments that you will love for years to come. We believe in clothes that you will keep wearing and loving, the concept of trashing clothes after one wear is something we rather disagree with. As our team discussed what we could do to be as ‘ethical’ as we can, the more we talked, the more we want to do to contribute in lowering our carbon footprint and give back to the community. Though we are far from being perfect, here are what we do.

Motifofficial Ethical Brand

All of our products are hand stitched by skilful artisans and local tailors. Though this kind of production is very time-consuming and can be very expensive, it is the only way to ensure high quality standard throughout the collection (which means no throwing out clothes after one wear) while giving back jobs to the local community.

Local Communities
All of our tailors are from local communities around Bangkok, by giving them jobs, they can start earning and supporting their families without having to work in a factory with below standard working environments. A lot of our tailors are also over the age of 50 and are allowed to work at home where they can spend a lot of their time with their family and loved ones, this also saves them the trouble of having to spend extra time and money on transportations to work.

Motifofficial Ethical Brand

Safe Working Environment
It is extremely important for us to make sure that our staff have a good work & life balance. Our staff work 35 hours a week with no long work hours, all of our team members earned more than minimum wage. We work in an airy office in the heart of Bangkok with family-like culture where birthdays are always celebrated!

Motifofficial Ethical Brand

High Stitch Counts
Most fast fashion brands use a double needle sewing machine to speed up the sewing time (almost twice as fast!), it’s also less labour intensive - making production a lot cheaper. A top quality garment will use a single needle sewing machine, where the tailor need to sew back twice. Here at MOTIF OFFICIAL, we use a single needle sewing machine (the better one) to produce all of our products. Which means the products will last longer in your wardrobe, season after season.

When it comes to quality, little details like stitch count also matters. Remember, the higher the stitch count, the better. Most fast fashion items only have 6-9 stitches per inch, where here at MOTIF OFFICIAL, we want at least 12 stitches per inch. Not only does it looks better, this also makes the seams more durable and less prone to breakage & puckering to make sure that you can wear and love our garments for as long as possible.

Motifofficial Ethical Brand

Premium Materials
Throughout the process of developing our collection, our design team make it their main mission to find the right fabric from the right supplier. Over 75% of our fabrics are imported from Japan where quality is always the priority. This can be seen in the high density of the fabric, and how its weight drapes beautifully on the body.

Motifofficial Ethical Brand

By using higher grade materials, our garments can last longer with you, reducing the cost-per-wear overtime - meaning you can get the most out of your money. It’s our passion to create clothes that do not just look good, but functional and durable. Quality is the heart of what we do.




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