Saving the world one little step at a time. Saving the world one little step at a time.

Posted on Apr 20, 2018

Saving the world one little step at a time.


motif-earthdayWhen something is good, it doesn't mean it can't get any better.
As a celebration of Earth day this April and to start taking actions to say ‘We Care’, 2018 is the year we decided to make some changes.


Introducing the new MOTIF OFFICIAL boxes that will now be replacing our original unrecyclable plastic foil packaging. Our new packaging is recyclable, unlike our old plastic one.

As we all know, plastic waste is such a huge problem for the environment all over the world. Causing all sorts of problems from pollution, animal extinctions to global warming. We are all overwhelmed by this knowledge, it is now the time to make little changes to make this world a greener and healthier place for our own generation and the generations after us. Because helping the environment is important to us, we hope it is important to you too.


Here are some small changes you can make to help
reduce plastic waste in your daily life:


1) Use a cloth tote bag when shopping instead of
relying on plastic bags from shops.

2) Take your own reusable cup/ flask to your favourite coffee/
drinks cafe to reduce use of plastic cups.
You may also get a discount from some places!

3) When ordering takeaway food, ask the staff to use your
own reusable tupperware instead of using the disposable polystyrene
or plastic containers from the restaurant.


These small changes can
add up to a big reduction
in plastic waste!

Lets help save the world
little by litte :)

Order by 3pm and your items will be shipped out on the same day.
#MOTIFonline #GOgreen #GOrecyclable

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