Posted on May 8, 2017


Photo: Pinterest It’s no secret that trend comes and goes. This year’s green craze began a few years back when girls start taking photos of green smoothies, green leafs, avocados and everything green you can ever think of. The trend quickly takeover the runway and the street in a very short amount of time until it was announced as colour of the year by Pantone in the beginning of 2017. Inspired by the colour of nature, emphasising human’s relationship with the earth once more, green has been the new IT shade of the year that people keep wanting more of. Though it may sound intimating at first, green is actual the new neutral and is surprisingly easier to wear than you think. For many black and white lovers, the idea of green in your wardrobe might sound daunting but rest assured, we have a few tips for you ‘colour newbie’ who wants to rock this it-shade this season. Choosing the right shade of green is utmost important. Start your collection off with selecting a deep shade of green to slowly emerge yourself into the world of wearing colours and avoid any bright neon green for now. May we also recommend that you start off with a simple blouse or camisole or smaller items to slowly get yourself used to the idea of colours. You will soon find out that a rich deep green shade is almost as easy to match as other earthy neutral colours like brown. Next is the art of pairing. Start off with pairing your new green item with a fool-proof monotone colour like black or white. A forest green blouse with white trousers are one of our favourite looks to wear this year. It’s safe, classy and is the best way to start off matching colours for any ‘colour newbie’. Once you’re more comfortable, try pairing green with any earthy shades such as brown or nude as these shades naturally compliment green pantone. We promise, your total look will look balanced yet captivating but never overdone with this suggested palette.

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